Revolutionizing rowing: The forward-facing RowVista system

Rowing, while a time-honored and excellent form of exercise, has always had one drawback: the rower’s back is to the direction of travel. However, the innovative RowVista system is changing the game by allowing rowers to face forward, aligning their view with their path ahead.

Developed by the Austrian firm Row&Sail, the RowVista is a modular kit designed to be affixed to a variety of watercraft, including traditional rowing and sculling boats, stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, and canoes. Additionally, it is featured in the ROWonAIR package, which comes with an inflatable paddleboard tailored specifically for use with the RowVista.

The RowVista’s core experience is built around a sliding seat fixed upon an aluminum roller rail, accompanied by supportive footrests. A key component of the system is the carbon fiber outrigger beam, structured in a yoke-like design, which intersects the roller rail and extends outwards, integrating the innovative linkage mechanism that interacts with the two-piece carbon fiber oar at each end.

A close look at the RowVista system.

This configuration allows rowers to engage in a forward-facing position. As rowers pull back on the handles, they propel the craft with the oars moving in a natural, front-to-back motion. The recovery phase is equally efficient; pushing the handles forward lifts the oars out of the water and returns them to the starting position.

Distinct from traditional rowing, RowVista introduces an improved feathering technique, where rowers can adjust the oars’ blade angles by simply twisting the handles. This feature is a significant advancement, as emphasized by Jochum Bierma, Row&Sail’s founder and CEO. The linkage mechanism magnifies the twist from the wrists to the blades, reducing wrist fatigue, a common issue with conventional rowing oars.

Two RowVistas can be used on one watercraft.

The ease of assembly is another striking advantage of the RowVista system. It claims a setup time of just two minutes on any compatible watercraft, and this is achieved without the need for any additional tools.

From a financial standpoint, the RowVista system is priced at €3,876, which is approximately $4,144 USD. This cost reflects the sophisticated design and the ergonomic benefits it offers to rowers.

The RowVista system is compatible with kayaks, as well as a variety of other watercraft.

In summary, the RowVista system by Row&Sail presents a compelling innovation in the world of water sports. It not only promises to reduce physical strain associated with rowing but also enhances the rower’s experience by allowing them to face their journey head-on. With quick installation and advanced functionality, the RowVista system is set to become a favorite among rowing enthusiasts and professionals alike.

The ROWonAIR bundle pairs the RowVista setup with a specifically designed inflatable stand-up paddleboard.

Source: Row&Sail

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