Fully functional wooden Tesla Cybertruck built from scratch in just 100 days

In an inspiring display of craftsmanship and ingenuity, a father-and-son team, operating under the channel ND – Woodworking Art, have created a fully functional wooden replica of the Tesla Cybertruck. This incredible project, a labor of love and skill, was completed in just 100 days, a timeline that sharply contrasts with the delays experienced by Tesla in producing the actual vehicle.

The journey to creating this wooden marvel was documented in a video that has captured the attention of woodworking enthusiasts and Tesla fans alike. The process was led by Truong Van Dao, a handyman father with a passion for both craftsmanship and innovation. The project commenced with the construction of a metal frame, meticulously soldered together to form the skeleton of the anticipated Cybertruck. This metallic framework served as the chassis upon which the wooden masterpiece would be built.

Unlike the steel exoskeleton of its inspiration, this Cybertruck took shape through carefully cut and fitted slabs of wood. The interior boasted dark-polished wood, pieced together in a precise and intricate manner that spoke to Van Dao’s attention to detail and artistry. The exterior was clad in light-shaded wood, instantly setting it apart as a wooden creation and a homage to traditional craftsmanship.

The Cybertruck boasts a detailed wooden exterior and intricately carved wooden tire spokes. Images courtesy ND – Woodworking Art / YouTube

The functional aspect of this wooden Cybertruck was not overlooked. The father-and-son duo ensured the vehicle was not just a static model but a drivable reality. Wooden rims were crafted with the same precision as the rest of the vehicle, with spokes detailed and carved to fit the Cybertruck’s rugged yet futuristic aesthetic.

The creators’ dedication was evident in every aspect of the build. They even fitted the vehicle with bucket-seat-style seating crafted entirely out of wood, which combined ergonomic design with a rustic charm. The steering wheel, a departure from traditional car design, was reminiscent of those found in classic arcade racing games, adding a playful touch to the otherwise stoic vehicle.

Echoing Tesla’s future release, Van Dao outfits his wooden Cybertruck replica with a luminous LED light strip for an authentic touch.

Highlighting the crossover between functionality and design, Truong Van Dao equipped the wooden Cybertruck with a bright LED light strip at the front, echoing the design of the upcoming Tesla model. The wooden replica was crowned with a specially chiseled and painted ‘X,’ a tribute to Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, symbolizing the connection between the two visionary projects.

The duo even extended their wooden automotive collection by constructing a fully functional wooden Tesla Cyberquad for Van Dao’s son, demonstrating their ability to replicate Tesla’s innovative designs with their woodworking talents.

The father also built a wooden Tesla Cyberquad for his son.

The project was not only a testament to their woodworking skills but also an ode to the resilience and pioneering spirit of Tesla. In a heartfelt message included in the video’s description, Truong Van Dao addressed Elon Musk, acknowledging the challenges Tesla faced with the Cybertruck but expressing unwavering confidence in its success. He expressed a desire to gift the wooden replica to Musk, both as a token of admiration and a beacon of encouragement for Tesla’s ongoing endeavors.

As Elon Musk announces yet another delay, with the official Tesla Cybertruck’s first batch now expected in November 2023, the wooden replica serves as a tangible reminder of the truck’s potential impact. It is a celebration of what can be achieved outside of traditional manufacturing processes and a bold statement of support for the visionaries pushing the boundaries of automotive design.

The wooden Cyberquad sits in the rear of the Cybertruck.

Source: ND – Woodworking Art

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