Hoverboard inventor designs two-wheeled, self-balancing electric vehicle

The mind behind the transformative Hovertrax hoverboard, inventor Shane Chen, is at the forefront once again with a groundbreaking creation, the Shane. Embarking on an ambitious journey, Chen merges the past’s brilliance with future aspirations, offering a new concept in electric vehicles (EVs).

The Shane doesn’t just drive; it balances, it adapts, and it promises a unique approach to modern transportation. For those captivated by the Hovertrax hoverboard’s elegance and simplicity, the Shane is its evolutionary successor, transforming the self-balancing technology into a concept for a two-wheeled electric car.

At the heart of this vehicle lies the potent mobile inverted pendulum principle, which empowers the car with balance and stability. The Shane’s design features two prominent wheels supporting a stylish five-seat passenger compartment. This section is architecturally engineered to automatically adjust its position, ensuring consistent stability, particularly during critical moments of acceleration and deceleration.

Navigational prowess is one of Shane’s standout features. Chen has done away with the conventional linkage-based steering system, adopting instead a differential speed control. This approach ensures easier maneuverability, providing advantages like simpler parking compared to the traditional four-wheeled counterparts.

Chen suggests that the pricing of Shane will be competitive, aligning with the cost of other market-available EVs.

Additionally, the Shane introduces in-wheel regenerative shock absorbers, an innovative touch that contributes to the vehicle’s energy efficiency. These shock absorbers are designed to facilitate battery charging by harnessing and converting energy during their operation.

The inventor, Chen, is on the lookout for industry partnerships to breathe life into this concept, aiming to see it flourish as a tangible, production-ready automobile. While the Shane still resides in the conceptual stages, it holds a promising future, aiming to make a substantial mark on the automotive industry with its unique design, energy efficiency, and a new level of practicality in two-wheeled vehicles.

The Shane features two prominent wheels, encapsulating a sleek five-seat chamber in the middle.

Chen is actively pursuing industry collaborations to evolve the Shane from an imaginative concept into a groundbreaking production vehicle, signifying a monumental advancement in transport innovation. With no specific pricing details available presently, Shane emerges as a beacon of transformative potential in the landscape of vehicular innovation. Inheriting the legacy of Chen’s suite of successful inventions like the Hovertrax, Solowheel, and Lunicycle, the Shane carries forward a rich tradition of ingenuity, holding the promise to redefine the paradigms of mobility and vehicular exploration in the future.

Source: Inventist

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