Pebble’s Flow: Revolutionizing caravan camping with semi-autonomous technology

Pebble, a California-based startup, is spearheading a transformation in the world of caravan camping with its innovative all-electric Flow caravan. Blending cutting-edge technology with design ingenuity, the Flow caravan emerges as a futuristic take on traditional RVing, designed to iron out prevalent camping pitfalls and elevate the overall camping experience.

In an era where the charm of RVs has blossomed, coupled with a surge in digital nomad lifestyles and rapid advancements in electric and autonomous driving technologies, Pebble’s Flow caravan is a remarkable entrant. Comprising talents from prestigious institutions such as Apple and Tesla, Pebble champions an RVing evolution that centralizes the essence of nature and outdoor allure.

The Flow, a semi-autonomous, electric RV, boasts a stunning array of features aimed at optimizing convenience and comfort. A prominent feature is its self-propulsion system, powered by a solar-enhanced lithium battery. This innovation ensures the caravan maintains a significant degree of off-grid functionality, offering up to a week’s worth of power. The 25-foot, window-adorned trailer, weighing in at 6,200 lbs, pioneers a self-towing capacity that mitigates the conventional towing strains experienced with gas vehicles or those that affect EV range.

Use the remote control to turn the Pebble Flow in place, drive it to the tow vehicle and securely engage the hitch. Images courtesy Pebble

Flow’s duality of design and tech brilliance is further exhibited in its remote-controlled parking capability. A user-friendly application facilitates seamless maneuvering of the caravan into parking positions, eliminating the manual inconveniences traditionally associated with caravan hitching and positioning. This thoughtful incorporation amplifies user ease, allowing for a smoother, more enjoyable camping setup and experience.

Flow’s “InstaCamp” system further augments the convenience aspect. With simple app commands, it autonomously executes several setup tasks such as deploying the awning, stabilizing stairs, and managing lighting and auto-leveling features. This not only simplifies the camping setup but also significantly enhances the overall efficiency and enjoyment of the camping experience.

The Pebble’s dual-motor system offers self-towing, minimizing range and mileage losses seen in regular non-powered towables.

Pebble’s focus on creating an intelligent and enjoyable RVing experience is conspicuous in their design approach. Beyond the autonomous functionalities, the Pebble app provides comprehensive control, allowing users to manage various aspects such as lighting, door locks, and temperature, cultivating an environment of ease and intuitiveness synonymous with smartphone operations.

At the heart of the Flow’s technological offerings is a robust 45-kWh LFP battery, an integral component underpinning its autonomous and smart features. It is complemented by a 1,000-watt solar panel array and supports AC/DC charging. This adaptability ensures the Flow can be charged in diverse locations such as homes, campsites, and EV charging stations, while also allowing power export capabilities for additional camping utilities or as a home backup.

Equipped with a 45-kWh battery, the Pebble Flow ensures lasting performance, smartly housed low within the vehicle’s chassis.

Interior design within the Flow echoes versatility. Significant features include a convertible dinette/double bed and a Murphy queen bed. Moreover, the inclusion of a mobile workstation, kitchen amenities, and a wide bathroom with electrochromic smart glass walls, all converge to craft a living space that marries comfort, functionality, and a luxurious ambiance.

In terms of connectivity, Pebble has ensured that the Flow is equipped with provisions for Starlink, ensuring that users maintain access to reliable high-speed internet services, enhancing its appeal to the digital nomad demographic.

The Pebble Flow includes a mobile workstation.

As for acquisition, Pebble has commenced the preordering phase for the Flow. The base price is set at US$109,000, with an enhanced package, “Magic Pack,” which includes additional features such as self-propulsion, available for $125,000. Potential customers can anticipate a firsthand experience of the Flow at the LA Auto Show, with deliveries projected for completion by the end of 2024.

The Pebble Flow boasts a central kitchen and a spacious bathroom encased in electrochromic smart glass.

Source: Pebble

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