Tetravan transforms a box trailer into a luxury camping haven

Tetravan, based in Salt Lake City, has skillfully modified a standard box trailer into a deluxe camping trailer, seamlessly blending practicality with comfort. This transformation has crafted a trailer that serves as both a portable living space and a model of modern design and efficient use of space.

Julian Secomb, the visionary behind Tetravan, applied his furniture design skills, honed from working with luxury transport, to tackle a prevalent issue in the camper market: creating a space-saving yet fully functional shower. Moving away from the compromises seen in standard campers regarding shower facilities, Tetravan introduced an innovative fold-out shower basin. This clever design minimizes space use by incorporating the shower into the trailer’s build, hidden under the rear bed or within a storage cabinet, thus maximizing the interior’s utility.

The creation of the Tetravan Trailer began with choosing a 12 x 7-ft ATC Raven aluminum cargo trailer for its durable build and roomy interior, boasting 6.5 feet of ceiling height. Transforming this basic trailer into a snug and attractive space demanded thorough planning and extensive labor. A notable challenge was reimagining the trailer’s tapered front section, traditionally awkward for camper use, into a multi-use cook/work area. This was achieved by hiding a portable Camp Chef Ranger stove beneath a flip-up section of the counter, enabling a quick change from cooking to workspace.

Tetravan Camper Trailer Convertible Shower
Tetravan Trailer features a quick-setup folding shower, complete with a fold-down mechanism and magnetic curtain for instant hot showers anywhere. Images courtesy Tetravan

Designed with clever space utilization in mind, the trailer accommodates sleep spaces for three without compromising the living area. Foregoing the typical convertible dinette bed seen in many trailers, Tetravan opted for a concealed shower and a dedicated rear bedroom, thereby enhancing the living area while also providing under-bed storage accessible from the trailer’s rear. The integrated foldable shower exemplifies Tetravan’s dedication to combining efficiency with ease of use.

Tetravan Camper Trailer Convertible Kitchen
When not in use, the stove’s fold-down cover converts your kitchen counter into a convenient office workspace.

The strategic placement of the shower maximizes living space but restricts through-loading capability, pivoting the focus towards crafting an interior that prioritizes comfort and luxury over mere utility. This design philosophy underscores Tetravan’s commitment to delivering an upscale camping experience, emphasizing the living quality over gear-hauling capacity.

Tetravan Camper Trailer Convertible Dinette
The dinette, with its soft upholstery, transforms smoothly into a twin bed, perfect for individuals as tall as 6’4″, making it suitable for both kids and taller adults.

The trailer’s interior showcases a penchant for luxury and comfort, featuring teak-veneered cabinets and solid teak accents that imbue the space with a warm, premium aesthetic. Enhanced by ambient lighting, the trailer offers a cozy environment conducive to relaxation and productivity, complemented by a compact dinette that transforms into extra sleeping space, further emphasizing the trailer’s adaptability.

Tetravan Cargo Trailer Conversion Bed Ladder
The trailer features a bed ladder that attaches to the front of the shower for easy access.

Technologically equipped for off-grid living, the trailer includes a 200-Ah Renogy lithium battery, a 2,000-W inverter, and a 600-W solar panel setup, with room for an additional battery. Comfort in diverse climates is ensured by a tankless water heater, a 12V air conditioner, a diesel-powered heater, and comprehensive insulation, with separate tanks for fresh and gray water supporting prolonged off-grid stays.

Tetravan Cargo Trailer Conversion Layout
Tetravan Trailer layout.

Released as a distinctive design project in 2023, the Tetravan Trailer, with an asking price of $85,000, mirrors the unique blend of bespoke craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and forward-thinking features. Weighing in at 3,800 lbs and practically new, this trailer is a singular representation of Tetravan’s vision for refined camping luxury. Currently a standalone model with no immediate plans for mass production, the Tetravan Trailer exemplifies the potential of camper design to merge sophistication, practicality, and adventure spirit in a compact, towable package.

Tetravan Cargo Trailer Conversion Garage Space
Under the bed, Tetravan has equipped the trailer with appliances and a spacious open area for storage.

Source: Tetravan

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