Aero Cabin camping trailer has slide-out front and pop-up roof

In a marketplace crowded with numerous camping trailers, Aero Cabin One emerges as a refreshing innovation that redefines the concept of portable living spaces. Originating from Smitveld, a Dutch trailer, and awning specialist, Aero Cabin showcases an avant-garde caravan that morphs into a “little big caravan.” The debut model is a testament to Smitveld’s more ambitious endeavor, stepping up from their typical folding tent trailers to establish Aero Cabin as a standalone trailer brand.

The Aero Cabin One, with its impressive multi-directional expansion capability, is designed to optimize space without compromising portability. Despite being built to be lightweight and compact enough to be towed even by smaller vehicles, including electric ones, the caravan expands to offer a contemporary, commodious living area, ensuring a comfortable camping experience. Its compatibility with a broad array of tow vehicles, such as the Tesla Model X and Y, can be attributed to its manageable base weight of 1,984 lbs (900 kg) and a length of 17.4 feet (5.3 m).

Once situated at the camping site, the Aero Cabin One unveils its brilliance. It swiftly transforms, courtesy of its pop-up roof and frontal slide-out mechanisms, into a spacious multi-room habitat. The well-thought-out design includes a wide and low-cut doorway, which fosters ease of access, eliminating the need for the conventional fold-out steps and paving the way for a more inclusive entryway.

The Aero Cabin conveniently packs up and attaches seamlessly, akin to any conventional 17-foot caravan. Images courtesy Aero Cabin

The interior features an open kitchen, strategically placed to greet campers upon entry. The kitchen extends into an L-shaped layout with essential amenities such as a triple-burner stove, 70-liter fridge/freezer, and ample storage spaces located within reach. Notably, the dual-hinged fridge is conveniently positioned to facilitate easy access from both the interior and exterior of the trailer.

In alignment with the trailer’s mission to enhance the outdoor living experience, Aero Cabin One comes with an innovative outdoor frame attachment. This feature allows for the removal and secure placement of the stove-area worktop outdoors, enabling campers to prepare meals amidst nature’s tranquility.

The slide-out accommodates a king-size bed and a separate dining area with a retractable bamboo table.

The ingenious design doesn’t end with the kitchen. The Aero Cabin One’s pop-up roof and slide-out module collaboratively function to compartmentalize the space, creating distinct bedroom and lounge areas. This thoughtful segmentation obviates the common need for convertible dinette-beds prevalent in many compact trailers. The bedroom houses a luxurious, near-king-size bed, furnished with Froli springs and a mattress measuring 87 x 67 x 5 inches (220 x 170 x 12 cm), guaranteeing restful sleep.

It is pertinent to note that the Aero Cabin One seems to be best suited for couples, primarily targeting those who prefer camping at well-equipped campgrounds, as it does not incorporate a bathroom or an additional sleeper roof.

Smitveld’s best fitting awnings for the Aero Cabin One.

With a striking design adorned with a vibrant honeycomb body, the Aero Cabin One made a remarkable debut at the Camping and Caravan Fair in Utrecht, Netherlands. Contrary to appearing as a concept trailer, it is fully available for production. Those interested in owning this remarkable piece of caravan innovation can avail it at an introductory price of €39,000, which is approximately US$41,360. The Aero Cabin One stands as a testament to a sophisticated blend of functionality and design, offering campers an opportunity to bask in luxury while embracing the wilderness.

The Aero Cabin’s kitchen effortlessly transitions between indoor and outdoor setups.

Source: Aero Cabin

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