Cyber-styled modular e-scooter tackles urban gridlock with sleek monochassis design

In the dynamic arena of electromobility, Brooklyn’s Infinite Machine has manifested its ingenuity with a remarkable new e-scooter, the P1. The brainchild of the Cohen brothers, Joseph and Eddie, this creation mirrors the futuristic aesthetics akin to Tesla’s Cybertruck. Its debut marks not just an addition to the landscape of urban commuting but sets itself apart as a distinctive ‘non-car’ vehicle. Specifically designed with the urban labyrinth of cities like New York in mind, the P1 e-scooter aims to combat the challenges of traffic congestion with finesse and innovation.

Diving into the design, the P1 immediately captivates with its angular, cyberpunk-inspired appearance. The integration of aluminum and steel in its construction reveals a robust exterior, embodying a sense of industrial elegance. Underneath its formidable façade lies a modular system, opening doors to various customization options. The under-chassis mounting tracks are designed thoughtfully, enabling riders to attach a spectrum of accessories ranging from panniers to extra batteries and powerful speakers.

Exploring further into the architecture of the P1 e-scooter, it’s evident that meticulous attention has been given to performance and practicality. The scooter is empowered by a 6-kW electric hub motor, escalating up to a commendable peak output of 12 kW. A 72-volt, 4.3-kWh battery system complements the motor, bestowing the P1 with a remarkable top speed of 55 mph. On a single charge, it pledges a travel range of up to 60 miles, showcasing its prowess in battery efficiency and reliability.

Reservations are now open for Infinite Machine’s P1 e-scooter. Images courtesy Infinite Machine

Technology also triumphs in the P1’s design. A user-friendly touchscreen interface is conveniently located between the handle grips, providing an intuitive control hub to the rider. Elevating the tech aspect, the scooter introduces wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a trailblazing feature that augments the rider’s connectivity options, blending modern tech necessities with traditional scooter functionalities seamlessly.

Enjoy effortless recharging and transport with the P1 e-scooter’s user-friendly, removable battery featuring a built-in handle.

In terms of investment, Infinite Machine has set the price of the P1 e-scooter at US$10,000. Prospective buyers can secure their order with a $1,000 deposit as part of the preorder process. With the initial production phase focusing on the release of a thousand units, the P1 is on a trajectory towards creating a strong presence in the e-scooter market. Scheduled to be manufactured in China, the company anticipates a delivery timeline of 12 to 18 months post-order.

Infinite Machine’s modular rack will be compatible with brand accessories, and plans are underway to open the ecosystem for user and third-party created accessories.

Infinite Machine also reveals plans of releasing additional compatible modules in the upcoming months. These new additions are set to enhance the scooter’s functional appeal and utility, cementing the P1’s position as a formidable contender in the realm of innovative urban electromobility solutions.

Simply flip the seat to access the convenient storage compartment below.
The P1’s modular rack is designed for easy loading of panniers to carry more on your trip.
The P1 is engineered for seamless maneuverability and parking, conveniently sliding between cars for a streamlined urban commute.

Source: Infinite Machine

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