Hadrian X bricklaying robot sets a new speed record in testing

The construction industry witnesses a technological marvel as the Hadrian X, a pioneering creation by Fastbrick Robotics (now FBR), unfolds new dimensions in automated bricklaying. Emerging from its prototype stages in 2015, the Hadrian X has evolved to showcase groundbreaking capabilities, proving itself as a formidable asset in modern construction processes.

Hadrian X arrives at construction sites in the guise of an ordinary truck but unfolds into a mechanical marvel, deploying a 32-meter (105-foot) boom arm. This extensive reach allows it to place up to 300 large masonry blocks per hour with unparalleled precision. Originally designed as an excavator-mounted prototype, the Hadrian X displayed early signs of its exceptional ability, completing the brick framework of a full-sized home in about two days—a staggering 20 times faster than human bricklayers.

In its 2023 iteration, the Hadrian X is stepping into the commercial limelight, equipped with enhanced features and performance metrics. FBR’s revolutionary creation recently demonstrated a remarkable speed record, laying over 300 USA-format masonry blocks per hour during a testing and calibration exercise. The robot’s operational capability extrapolates to laying nearly 70 square meters (753 square feet) of vertical wall every hour—equivalent to about a quarter of a tennis court.

Hadrian X’s construction adhesive dries in 45 minutes, outperforming traditional mortar’s curing time.

Operational control of Hadrian X is efficiently managed via a tablet, ensuring adherence to precise CAD plans. The robot has been equipped with auxiliary ‘dehacker’ robots, responsible for handling, unpacking, and preparing masonry blocks for placement. These blocks are coated with a unique construction adhesive, enabling faster and more secure placement compared to traditional mortar, with a setting time of approximately 45 minutes.

In terms of structural reach, the Hadrian X’s telescoping boom arm is a masterpiece, allowing construction of up to three-story buildings directly from the ground, thereby eliminating dependency on ladders. Its robust design enables continuous operation, 24/7, and showcases an impressive resistance to varied weather conditions.

Hadrian X’s boom arm extends 32 meters, allowing easy construction of up to three stories from ground level.

Though the initial test runs highlighted minor discrepancies in brick placement accuracy, it is anticipated that such inconsistencies will be ironed out in subsequent operational cycles. FBR has plans underway for the rollout of additional Hadrian X robots, aiming to deploy them in the United States for demonstrations and immediate integration into their Florida-based “Wall as a Service” operations.

Check out the record-breaking first test of the Next-Gen system below.

Next-Gen Hadrian X completes first outdoor test build | FBR

Source: FBR

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