Bamboo e-trike offers an Eco-friendly cargo transport solution

The realm of sustainable transportation is witnessing an innovative leap with the introduction of a bamboo e-trike, designed to deliver up to 250 kg of cargo. This novel approach to cargo transportation is not just a testament to the versatility of bamboo but also a significant stride in eco-friendly transport solutions.

For several years, bamboo has been an alternative material in the bike-building industry, though not mainstream. We observed this with Germany’s My Boo, which utilized bamboo and flax for a cargo ebike earlier. The latest to join this trend is the Bamboo Bicycle Club, based in London, known for encouraging individuals to build their own bikes. They offer workshops and DIY build kits, alongside various bike components and tools through their online shop.

The Bamboo Bicycle Club, known for its unique projects like the Aero build of 2016, has ventured into the realm of pedal-assist cargo trikes. This move was inspired by a local grocery delivery business. The prototype of this e-trike showcases a frame constructed from Guadua Bamboo, flax, and recycled aluminum. This combination ensures a durable ride and leverages bamboo’s natural vibration-damping qualities. The team plans to streamline future production by incorporating prefab lug technology, reducing build time.

The e-trike features a rear box crafted from light honeycomb material, boasting a load capacity of 550 lb. Images courtesy Bamboo Bicycle Club

The cargo e-trike features a sizable rear box made from modular honeycomb sheets of recycled materials, capable of transporting up to 250 kg (550 lb) per trip. To aid the rider, it is equipped with a Bafang mid-drive motor, offering assistance up to 15.5 mph (25 km/h), complying with European ebike regulations. This is complemented by an internally geared hub. However, specifics regarding the battery and per-charge range remain undisclosed.

Designed for urban use, the trike can be operated in bike lanes. Riders benefit from weather protection via a curvy laminated bamboo canopy with a large windshield. The prototype lacks integrated lighting and dedicated suspension, and rear visibility might pose challenges. However, it ensures safe halting with dual-lever hydraulic disc braking.

Pedal assistance is provided by a Bafang mid-drive motor, complemented by internally geared hubs.

As of now, the Bamboo Bicycle Club continues to refine the design. They aim to launch the Cargo Delivery Trike as a home build kit in the future. Yet, details about the timeframe and pricing are still under wraps.

This bamboo e-trike represents a fusion of sustainability and practicality in the urban cargo transport sector. Its introduction is not only an ecological statement but also a potential game-changer for local businesses and delivery services, seeking greener alternatives in their operations. As we await further developments, this bamboo e-trike stands as a promising harbinger of eco-friendly transportation innovation.

The bamboo -trike prototype has been built from sustainable bamboo, flax, and recycled aluminum.

Source: Bamboo Bicycle Club

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