SylvanSport Vast: The ultimate gear-hauling camping trailer

In the ever-evolving world of camping trailers, the SylvanSport Vast has carved out a distinct niche as a versatile and innovative gear-hauling solution. Unveiled nearly five years ago at the RVX show, it initially appeared as a polished prototype, hinting at SylvanSport’s expansion beyond its range of cargo-mastering camping trailers. The Vast, now officially launched after rigorous testing, represents a significant leap forward in the camping trailer market.

The journey of the Vast from concept to production is a story of persistence and refinement. Initially showcased in 2019, it underwent over 50,000 miles of intensive testing, culminating in the launch of the production model. This four-sleeper caravan stands out with its side-load watercraft carry system, an upgraded indoor/outdoor slide-out kitchen, and a full-height tailgate, combining convenience with comfort.

The design of the Vast retains the core vision of a toy hauler-cum-camper, extending over a length of 21.6 feet (6.6 meters). Its innovative floor plan features a half-and-half kitchen-bathroom. The slide-out galley unit not only frees up the shower floor but also transforms into an outdoor meal prep area, equipped with a dual-burner stove, sink, and a 69-L fridge. The indoor version of the kitchen remains fully functional, with the addition of a microwave, ample storage, and a refined sliding mechanism for smoother use.

SylvanSport VAST Adventure Travel Trailer Side Rack
The side rack is specifically engineered for carrying watercraft such as kayaks. Images courtesy SylvanSport

The rear “Versalounger” area of the Vast offers versatile relaxation options, serving as an L-shaped sofa, a lounger, and converting into a queen bed at night, complemented by a second queen bed that lowers from the ceiling. This feature ensures comfortable accommodation for up to four people.

The Vast trailer comfortably accommodates four people with its dual bed setup.

Technologically, the Vast keeps pace with the latest trends. It now includes an 800-W solar system and a robust battery, ensuring off-grid 120-V power availability. Additionally, a command touchscreen with remote app connectivity enhances the user experience. However, SylvanSport has chosen not to go fully electric, maintaining a 20-lb (9 kg) propane tank for the stove and other appliances, striking a balance between traditional and modern energy sources.

The kitchen packed up for indoor use or travel.

The Vast’s functionality as a multi-sport trailer remains a key highlight. Its adjustable rear lounge and full-height tailgate facilitate easy loading of bikes, boards, and other gear. The exterior side tie-down tracks are designed for carrying kayaks, canoes, or paddleboards, providing easier access than traditional roof racks and leaving the roof free for solar panels and other hardware. The front storage box adds an additional 15 cubic feet (425 L) of lockable storage, and the trailer boasts a payload capacity of 580 lb (263 kg).

The VAST camper trailer offers plenty of rear cargo space.

Reflecting the advancements and added features, the Vast’s pricing has seen a significant update. From an initial estimate of $50,000, the 2023 model starts at $69,995. This price includes a range of additional features such as a Thule awning, Truma Combi furnace/water heating system, Dometic air conditioner, roof fans, a skylight, electric brakes, and substantial fresh/gray water storage capacities of 114/121 L.

The VAST’s fully-equipped kitchen includes a dual-burner stove, microwave, sink, and fridge.

In conclusion, the SylvanSport Vast trailer represents a blend of innovation, versatility, and comfort. It caters to the modern adventurer who seeks a balance between the rugged outdoors and the comforts of home. With its unique design, advanced technology, and thoughtful features, the Vast is well-positioned to redefine the standards of the camping trailer market.

Dining lounge of the VAST camper trailer.
Front storage box.

Source: SylvanSport

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