Elevating outdoor adventures with Camp365’s Model T foldable RV pod

Redefining the contours of outdoor adventure, Camp365 introduces the Model T foldable RV pod, a fusion of innovative design and practical elegance tailored primarily for pickup trucks. A beacon of modernization, the Model T focuses on creating a harmonious blend with electric pickups, propelling forward as a symbol of eco-responsiveness and design ingenuity.

The Model T’s design aesthetics emphasize compatibility and integration with the vehicle. Nestled effortlessly between the bed walls of a full-size pickup, this prism-shaped marvel unfolds a canvas of comfort and utility in its 4-feet wide and 7.3-feet long frame. Lightweight attributes underline its essence, weighing in at a manageable 700 to 800 pounds, thereby making it an appealing acquisition for adventurers seeking efficient yet robust camping solutions.

Functionality couples with aerodynamic finesse in the design philosophy of the Model T. Its prominent aero deflector optimizes airflow, a feature instrumental for electric pickup owners mindful of energy efficacy, while also appealing to the owners of internal combustion engine pickups, aligning performance with fuel efficiency.

The transformative ability of the Model T unveils itself in its rapid deployment. A symphony of engineering brilliance allows for a spacious cabin setup within 10 to 15 minutes by a single individual. Its design enables the sides to blossom out, morphing into the camper floor, supported by a network of stabilizer poles and guy lines, orchestrating a stable and secure assembly.

Camp365’s Model T is engineered for electric trucks, while also being versatile enough to fit most 1/2- to 1-ton pickups. Images courtesy Camp365

Internally, the Model T foldable RV pod is a testament to thoughtful planning and spatial ingenuity. Within its 63-square foot expanse, it manifests a versatile living space, accommodating up to four adults or a family ensemble of five. Adaptability underscores the sleeping arrangements, with configurations ranging from queen to twin and bunk beds, allowing for flexible setups that cater to a spectrum of camping dynamics, from solo escapades to family congregations.

An array of amenities punctuates the Model T’s interior, offering a blend of practical luxury and innovative utility. Modular floor plans introduce adaptive living spaces complemented by functionalities such as a foldable table, workstation, and a dual-induction cooker. A clever articulation of storage spaces with underfloor cubbies and hanging shelves encapsulates efficiency, preserving the living space’s openness and comfort.

Twin plus bunk bed layout.

The living experience within the Model T is enhanced through meticulously crafted features such as dual-layer wall construction, ensuring all-season insulation. A collection of bathroom facilities such as a portable toilet, a connectable sink to fresh water tanks, and a versatile indoor/outdoor shower system fortified with a 12-V water heater and a water purification apparatus encapsulate the essence of convenience and functionality.

Camp365 Model T interior with a queen bed and workstation layout.

For outdoor enthusiasts, the Model T unveils a realm of possibilities. Its design accommodates a spectrum of outdoor equipment, from bicycles to kayaks, supported by compatible racks. Furthermore, the design harbors the uniqueness of under-floor hanging points, inviting the option of setting up hammocks, enriching the outdoor living experience.

The Camp365 Model T will include hammock hangers.

The Model T foldable RV pod, set to roll into production in the summer of 2024, is now available for pre-order, offering a suite of additional features such as lithium batteries, solar preparations, and versatile lighting and power options, including Wi-Fi boosters and Starlink satellite internet. Compatible with a broad range of pickup trucks from 1/2- to 1-ton, the Model T, priced starting at US$25,000, emerges as a phenomenal icon of innovation and design elegance in the realm of camping and RV solutions.

Watch the preview video below for a closer look at the features and capabilities.

Camp365 T Model “Truck Bed”

Source: Camp365

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