Adorable electric micro-car for urban mobility, no license required

In the burgeoning world of electric micro-cars, designed to address the urban mobility needs of city dwellers, the Microlino EV bubble car has carved out a niche for itself as one of the most endearing options available. Following the success of the original model, the brand has introduced the Microlino Lite, a variant that promises to retain the charm of its predecessor while making sustainable mobility even more accessible.

The Microlino Lite’s unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show marks a significant milestone for the brand, mirroring the debut of the first model back in 2016. After overcoming initial production challenges, the company embarked on a journey to refine and perfect the design, culminating in the launch of this latest model. With production kicking off in 2022 and distribution channels established across several European countries, the Microlino Lite is poised for a summer release, targeting a broad demographic that includes both licensed and non-licensed drivers.

This new iteration stands out for its appeal to younger users and those without a driving license, particularly in countries like France and Italy where individuals as young as 14 can drive it with a moped permit. Classified as an L6e vehicle in Europe, the Lite is limited to a top speed of 45 km/h (28 mph), ensuring it meets the regulatory requirements for non-licensed operation.

Microlino Lite Electric Micro-car Colors
The Microlino Lite comes in two colors: Venice Blue and Berlin Anthracite Matt.

Merlin Ouboter, co-founder of Microlino, emphasizes the vehicle’s role in expanding the reach of sustainable transportation solutions. The Lite model is designed to offer safe and weather-protected mobility without the complexities of traditional vehicle ownership and operation. It boasts a 6-kW motor that can peak at 9 kW and comes equipped with a lithium-ion battery capable of delivering around 100 km (62 miles) of range on a single charge. For those seeking extended mobility, an 11-kWh battery option is available, pushing the range to up to 180 km, with the standard battery requiring just a couple of hours to reach 80% charge via a Type 2 charger.

Microlino Lite Electric Micro-car Sunroof
The Microlino Lite is equipped with a sunroof.

The Microlino Lite’s construction features high-strength steel and an automotive-grade steel/aluminum skin, ensuring both durability and safety. Its compact dimensions make it an ideal choice for navigating the tight spaces of urban environments. The interior offers seating for two, with entry through the front, and includes a minimalist dashboard equipped with a digital instrument cluster, climate controls, and a smartphone mounting bar. Additional amenities include USB ports for device charging, an included heater to combat the cold, and a heated rear window, with a 230-liter trunk for storage.

Microlino Lite Electric Micro-car Dashboard
The minimalist dashboard features a digital instrument panel, climate control settings, and a dedicated bar for securing a smartphone.

Available in Venice Blue and Berlin Anthracite, the Microlino Lite is positioned as an attractively priced entry-level option in the electric vehicle market. With a monthly leasing rate of CHF 149 (approximately US$169), it presents a viable and cost-effective solution for individuals seeking an environmentally friendly and convenient mode of transport, though details on availability outside of Europe remain unspecified.

In summary, the Microlino Lite emerges as a compelling addition to the electric micro-car segment, offering a unique blend of style, functionality, and affordability. Its launch is a testament to the evolving landscape of urban mobility, where the demand for efficient, sustainable, and accessible transportation solutions continues to grow.

Microlino Lite Electric Micro-car No License
The Microlino Lite, classified as L6e in Europe with a 45 km/h top speed, may allow some users to drive license-free.

Product page: Microlino Lite

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