ROC’s composite teardrop trailer redefines electric RV design with unique geometry

The recreational vehicle (RV) industry is witnessing a transformative phase with the advent of electric RVing, a trend that seamlessly blends environmental consciousness with the thrill of exploration. At the forefront of this movement is Georgia-based ROC Trailers, which has unveiled its latest marvel, the ALD09 teardrop trailer. This vehicle is not just a symbol of innovation in RV design but also a testament to the evolving demands of modern-day campers.

ROC Trailers, known for its distinctive approach to trailer design, has historically set itself apart with its original OTD10 teardrop. The OTD10’s unique color scheme was just the beginning of ROC’s journey into unconventional design. The subsequent ASD10 model further embraced this ethos, featuring multi-color patterns on a more softly contoured teardrop shape, abruptly concluding with a vertical rear wall.

However, with the ALD09, ROC has broken all traditional molds. Abandoning the tear-shaped curves altogether, the ALD09 adopts a bold, angular design. Its body, reminiscent of a child’s geometric drawing, boasts rough-hewn angles with little discernible pattern, making it a standout even among the most uniquely shaped off-road trailers.

With its light base weight of only 1,200 lbs, the ROC ALD09 is perfectly adapted for towing by both electric and compact vehicles. Images courtesy ROC Trailers

Practicality meets style in the ALD09’s design. The trailer’s long, sloped roof, which at first glance seems to limit its stature, is cleverly counterbalanced with an optional rack. This rack not only adds functionality, allowing for the carrying of a rooftop tent or additional cargo, but also maintains the trailer’s height at an even 6 feet (1.8 meters), including the roof racks.

The ALD09 diverges from its predecessors in its construction as well. With a gross vehicle weight as low as 2,000 lb (907 kg), it is notably more compatible with the burgeoning market of electric and hybrid vehicles equipped with hitches. This weight reduction is achieved through a departure from traditional alu-skinned wood frame structures to an insulated fiberglass-composite build, drawing inspiration from yacht design.

The innovative storage shelf in the ALD09 cleverly converts into a compact bunk, perfect for a child or pet.

The launch of the ALD09 also nods to the much-anticipated but delayed Tesla Cybertruck, as evidenced by its debut hitched to a Rivian R1T. With a remarkable 20 inches (51 cm) of ground clearance, the ALD09 is primed for rough terrains and is well-suited to match the capabilities of advanced electric trucks.

Despite its compact design, the ALD09 teardrop trailer addresses potential space constraints effectively. The galley, while appearing constrained under the flat, flip-open tailgate, extends its functionality with additional equipment such as a tongue box with a fridge/cooler slide and a side table for a portable stove. The galley itself houses a stainless steel worktop, drawers, cabinets, and an optional sink.

The ALD09 trailer boasts an efficiently designed kitchen with a stainless steel countertop and a convenient deployable side table.

The interior of the ALD09 sticks to the essential teardrop-style layout. It includes a near-queen 57 x 80-inch (145 x 203-cm) mattress, LED lighting, and 12V/USB outlets. The versatility of its design is highlighted by a shelf that transforms into a small bed, accommodating either a child or a pet. This feature, coupled with the optional rooftop tent, elevates the ALD09 to a comfortable abode for two or more campers.

Launched during this year’s Overland Expo series, the ALD09 comes with a starting price of $16,999. The base model includes LED lights, a MaxxAir fan, electric brake hubs, exterior lighting, and an off-road-ready build featuring a steel frame with rock sliders, General Grabber all-terrain tires on 16-inch steel wheels, reinforced fenders, and 20-inch ground clearance. A standard 2-inch hitch receiver adds to its readiness for adventure.

Available options for the ALD09 include a tongue box with a fridge slide, an additional entry door, an awning, and rooftop tent

For those seeking additional features, the ALD09 teardrop trailer offers a comprehensive options list. This includes the tongue box (with or without a fridge slide), an Iceco fridge, a Cadac dual-burner stove, an off-grid power package, a kitchen sink with a 57-liter water tank, and various rooftop tent and awning choices.

Source: ROC Trailers

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