TrailManor Travel Trailers: Merging sleek design with roomy interiors

When it comes to travel trailers, the balance between convenience and comfort is often hard to find. Larger trailers provide luxurious amenities but falter in fuel efficiency and maneuverability. Conversely, smaller models save on fuel but skimp on comfort. Entering the scene is TrailManor, challenging this traditional trade-off.

Established in 1983, TrailManor has been consistently creating a buzz in the U.S. RV industry. It stands out with its patented design that promises a swift transition from road mode to camping mode in a mere two minutes, a boon for adventurers eager to start their outdoor experience without hassle, even in challenging weather conditions.

Design and Build

TrailManor’s trailers stand apart due to their innovative construction. They merge the best features of hard-wall travel trailers and pop-up campers, resulting in a unique, lightweight, and durable build. The secret lies in its construction material—laminated closed-cell foam sandwiched between aluminum sheets. This design choice not only ensures a lightweight trailer but also a robust one, capable of being towed by standard SUVs or minivans. This attribute translates to notable mileage benefits and eliminates the hefty storage fees associated with larger, more cumbersome trailers.

Space and Amenities

TrailManor offers four diverse models: the 2518, 2720, 2922, and 3124 Series. The nomenclature reflects the trailers’ dimensions in both camp and road modes. For instance, the 3124 Series, the largest model, expands to 31 feet (9.4 meters) in camp mode and compacts to 24 feet (7.3 meters) in road mode. Despite their compact road dimensions, the trailers unfold to offer spacious interiors. The 3124 Series comfortably sleeps six, boasting two king-size beds, a convertible dinette, a full kitchen, and a dry bathroom with a soaking tub.

Compact 2720 Series TrailManor trailers.
Tow these compact 2720 Series trailers with a minivan, SUV, or crossover and easily store them in a standard garage.

The transformation process involves not only external expansion but also internal setup. Despite seeming complex, TrailManor provides comprehensive video tutorials ensuring users can quickly master the setup process, turning a seemingly daunting task into a straightforward one.

Customization Options

Beyond standard features such as electric or gas water heaters, furnaces, and kitchen amenities, TrailManor allows extensive customization. Options for solar panels, additional cabinets, air conditioning units, awnings, and bike racks are available, ensuring that travelers can tailor their trailers to their precise needs and preferences.

TrailManor features a fully-equipped kitchen and a versatile dinette that converts into additional sleeping space.
The TrailManor features a fully-equipped kitchen and a versatile dinette that converts into additional sleeping space.

Price and Fuel Efficiency

Pricing for a TrailManor starts slightly above $32,000. While this is a considerable investment, the blend of convenience, luxury, and fuel efficiency that TrailManor provides justifies the expense. The company highlights the minimal impact on fuel consumption when towing their trailers—a mere 10% increase over a 100-mile stretch, positioning them as an economical choice in the long run.

Final Thoughts

TrailManor skillfully blends convenience with comfort, providing a unique offering in the travel trailer market. It stands out with its quick setup, spacious interiors, and impressive fuel efficiency. Its enduring presence since 1983, moving from Tennessee through Nebraska to its current location in South Dakota, is a testament to its robust offering and loyal customer base.

The 3124 Series offers ultimate luxury with amenities like a king-size bed, ample storage, a hardwall bathroom with a tub, and a spacious kitchen, all while maintaining TrailManor’s signature ease of towing and setup.

Though the unique assembly and disassembly procedures may require some acclimatization, the TrailManor emerges as a compelling choice for those unwilling to compromise between size and convenience. If you seek a travel trailer that effortlessly blends convenience with comfort, giving you the best of both worlds, TrailManor is undoubtedly worth your consideration.

The 2922 Series elevates TrailManor’s popular 2720 floorplans by adding a king-size bed, meeting enthusiasts’ demands for enhanced comfort.

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